MTB Route Arnhem / Veluwezoom - 52 kilometers

The link above is the new route that has just been completed.

Our MTB route differs in many respects from other MTB
routes in the Netherlands. It is a spicy, natural and adventurous
route straight through the Veluwezoom National Park and over paths and
roads of several landowners. The trail runs in the southern
share with the most elevation meters and recreational facilities over the
moraine with spicy rough climbs and goes in the central and
northern part alongside sand drifts, heaths, fens and forests
where silence prevails and natural processes determine the landscape.

You can recognize the main route by the green MTB symbol. The
main route can be cycled in two directions. There are three
starting points with catering from which there is a route to the main route
indicated and three locations where the main route can be shortened.
Catering establishments along the route are marked with blue
catering signs and directional arrows.

Furthermore, there are now 3 extras, these are recognizable by the red
MTB symbol.
1: at the Brandtoren (Teerose Trail and Granny Trail)
2: the bridge over the Holleweg (Shooting Mountain Trail)
Note: these are now back and forth with sometimes separate climbing and
and these are good to combine with hospitality on the road or your chosen
starting point.
3: The Fortune Cookie (a round loop with the Pumptrail) in the Vrouwendal,
a red loop that you encounter when you cycle the green main route, you
50 meters back on the green main route.

Green international MTB signs therefore indicate the main route. Red one
international MTB signs show extras (for a maximum mountain bike
fun and altimeters).

MTB Route Arnhem / Oosterbeek - 37 kilometers

The route is marked with wooden posts with in black (on a yellow background) the international MTB sign (triangle with 2 circles below). The connection and approach routes are marked with the same symbol but now against a yellow-white background. A connection route has been made parallel to the railway line (signposted in two directions) so that you can also make smaller laps of 14 and 16 kilometers. There is also a connection route to the 52 kilometer-long route in Rheden at Kemperbergerweg.

You can, for example, start the route atArnhem Oosterbeek www.m =1WTaZ8sRmCi4JbAjU2eEaHjgGblhPTtW0 & usp = sharing

If you want to use this link on your phone, open this link in a new tab (keep finger pressed on url) or you cut and paste it and it will be opened in Google Maps. Use our telephone cover with confirmation for the MTBs. The cover is easily removable from the handlebar holder. For digital route maps from mtbea (see reservation)

MTB routes via google easy to use and the paths are easier to find during your ride.

About the area
The route is located in the forests and heath of the Southwestern Veluwe. The difference in height is the southern loop. You will pass Oosterbeek and via the famous Italian road you climb up towards Heveadorp. You also pass Heelsum and Wolfheze. Also the beautiful estates Mariendaal and Warnsborn are not skipped. Sometimes you have to climb hard, because here too there are differences in height. The route goes over a number of sandy roads, through forests and meadows, with here and there a piece of single track.

Download the GPS track file here

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